Friday, December 24, 2010

This article about rumors of Kubiak getting tossed in Houston and coming to Denver - click over and read it - then come back --- it's okay. I'll wait -
Okay - Gary said all the right things. However, a tiny microchip I had a friend implant in him allows me to know EXACTLY what he was thinking when he was being so politically correct:
"Hey, I love Mr. Bowlen and the Broncos organization, and I would love to come back here when I get canned. (Say something about not caring.) If John was in the front office, it wouldn't make any difference, we work great together - Heck yes I am thinking about the Denver job!"

Monday, October 25, 2010

Hard to Disagree With Howie (even though he's a raider)

I have watched the NFL from the time Nitschke and Butkus would tear off your head and spit down your neck - when the Purple People Eaters and the Fearsome Foursome would hit you until and even after the whistle. I can remember a time when the ground COULD cause a fumble. I have been a card-carrying orangemaniac, Broncoholic since I was 5. I used to lament every year that Denver didn't trade for Joe Namath, Carl Eller, Butkus, or Merlin Olsen.

This is all prelude to say that the hypocrisy of the NFL, fining John Lynch for a hard hit that was clean, while allowing bigger and dirty hits that don't even draw penalty flags to go unnoticed. Also, putting a DVD of great hits on sale, while fines are levied against the stars of that video, allowing ESPN to have a "Jacked Up" segment on their Monday Night pregame, and finally preaching safety and health from the NFL offices and planning for a longer season of 18 games to yield to the greed of every NFL team owner.

Sunday morning on the FOX pregame, I heard the most eloquent rant to match my own ire. Former Raider Howie Long, who is also father of current Rams defensive lineman Chris Long spoke on the "Fired Up" segment. How ironic that my hated rival all those years is the best voice against the greed and hypocrisy of the Commissioner and ownership.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Okay, I admit I didn't call it right so far in the AL, but tonight was nice to watch the Yankees get drubbed for the second time in the late innings. I don't like the way the League office allowed them to trade and sign high salary players while teams with prudent payrolls had to pass, but putting that aside it is fun to watch those guys play baseball. Speed, base hitting, and great defense are their pillars - and still they have serious pop with Hamilton, Guerrero, Cruz, and Kinsler. Why do I despise the Yankees so severely? Because the playing field is never level, and when you poach year after year off of the less wealthy teams, morally I personally slide into a cheating mentality. There are many great people and players on the field, yet it is a good feeling to cheer for Josh Hamilton and Vlad - two guys who were all but kicked to the curb for different reasons, yet given up on none the less.
The network is going to be hating life if neither the Phillies or Yankees make it further. I will watch every pitch - no matter what.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

What Do You Know?

You can go home again, with a new qb and coach - same tired act!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Playoff Prognostication

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls (I know that three of those groups have never seen this blog) - here are my picks:
The American League half of the playoffs is by far more competitive and will be more compelling to watch. Both of the series in the Senior Circuit have definite underdogs and favorites, a five game series is pretty much a lock with Halladay, Oswalt, and Hamel. The same can be said for Lincecum and Cain, even though Sanchez has stumbled large down the stretch.
Rays over Rangers - let fiscal responsibility and "cheaters never prosper" be the lessons here --- Twins over Yankees (unless C.C. pitches every game for New York) --- Rays over Twins ---
Philly will destroy the Reds --- and the Giants over the valiant Braves (bye bye Bobby) --- San Fran will take out the Phillies ---
Rays in six over the Giants

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Prognostications From an Easy Chair

The season has begun - the pads are a-poppin', the f-bombs are a-floppin' --- only on Hard Knocks, never at this house!

I don't need Hank Jr. to ask if I'm ready for some football. I AM! So, with the season one game in, on the eve before the first football Sunday, allow me to toss out there a prediction or so. This may be a Drew Brees razor sharp pinpoint pass, or it may turn out to be a JaMarcus Russell (who?) and be strong but no where near the target. Here goes...

Starting of with the easy ones, NFC South is the Saints - der! however, the Falcons will be a force, a wildcard team for sure.

NFC West is The 49ers to lose - their opponents in that division are all rebuilding and will be lucky get to .500 - San Fran wins out with a 9-7 record.

Now the NFC North is a little tougher to gauge because of the unpredictability of the drama king (Favre) and his guys in Minnesota. However, the Packers look to have all the tools and will control the Nordic division this season.

The pick 'em division in the NFL this season is the NFC East. Arguments can be made for and against all four teams, with the Giants having the most holes. Funny to state that, since Washington won 4 games last season, declaring they could win the division is a stretch. However, the upgrade in coaching and the upgrade at quarterback will bolster those arguments. The Eagles have a solid group, a solid coach, but a new qb - the powers in Philly believe Kevin Kolb is ready. I however believe that the Cowboys will screw this season up somehow, showing the promise and talent they have in glances, yet laying a colossal egg in the most important of games. I say Redskins out of partiality to my coach - Mike Shanahan.

The AFC picture is much more competitive. The AFC South is Indy's to lose, but look for both wilcards to come from this division. If Tennessee or Houston were playing in any other AFC Division, they would dominate.

The AFC West is the weakest in the AFC, and for that reason it will be the Broncos stealing from Mr. Rivers and Jerry Rice's worst coach he ever had - Norv.

The AFC North is going to be the blackest and bluest division with defense all over the place, but I pick Cincinnati to overcome the mouth in Baltimore, as well as the Steelers.

Finally, the AFC East is the prettiest division, with Brady, Sanchez, and Henne, but the football will be rather 'ho-hum'. Look for Billacheat to lose in a heart breaker to the Jets down the stretch.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Marshall is Now a Thinker

Brandon Marshall was a problem child while he was with the Broncos. He showed a prima dona attitude, an immaturity that didn't respect authority, and a such a lack of discipline whenever the wind wasn't blowing his direction. He obviously never listened in team meetings when the game plan wrapped securely around him and his extraordinary abilities, he just heard a little voice saying, "You are the best and with this new guy no one will notice YOU!" Therefore, he acted out multiple times ... all water washed down the street - he is now a Dolphin. This latest brainstorm of his shows he has no concept of current events, ESPN Sportscenter, or the local papers.

If you read the article without any outside influence it is an interesting piece that puts Brandon in a good place. I'm growing up and thinking ahead - I am not just a spoiled, in-the-moment athlete. I have a back-up plan for my life. As I see it, Brandon lives under a rock, or has been watching C-Span (either channel) exclusively for the last six months. Since February the NBA articles have all been about the expiring CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) between the owners and the Player's Union that ends after the 2010-2011 season. So, Mr. Marshall, if your league locks out after the 2011 Super Bowl, you will have no time to do "some training" before the NBA owners will lock out the players and the NBA players will be 'hanging' with you NFL guys.

My cynical and sarcastic mind read this and just laughed. I thought about the possibility that I was making GPS systems for automobiles, and my boss said, "The smart phone is putting us out of business, the plant is closed." So I went looking for a black and white TV manufacturing company to work with in a new career. Nice thinking Brandon.

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